Positive action

“Act prepares the way for local agreements on positive action and preferential treatment (Teigen, 1999). This is the legal basis for the general agreement between employers and employees within the Norwegian public sector, which includes preferential treatment. The preferential treatment procedure formally regulates recruitment and promotions in all public sector organisations. Preferential treatment should be […]

Common barriers

“A survey of the relevant literature shows that the most common barriers to women’s advancement in corporate leadership are, (A) in-group bias that causes current leaders to promote subordinates who they perceive to be like them, (B) androcentric values in the workplace and negative assumptions about women’s competence, (C) lack of access to corporate management […]

Typical values

“As a result of in-group bias, entrenched androcentric values, and other conscious and unconscious biases, women are not getting opportunities to fill top leadership positions within corporations. The most commonly stated reason for underrepresentation of women on corporate boards is that women lack leadership experience in the upper echelons of corporate management. 64 The typical […]